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Love, Money, and City -Building

Have you ever considered the impact of investing locally?  We have. 10C, a shared workspace and community hub for social enterprise, has built a placemaking project and social finance investment opportunity capable of answering these questions. And through the recent purchase of a 15,000-square-foot building in Guelph, Ontario, our community has turned a dilapidated furniture store […]


The WTF: The Week This Friday Vol. 21

Move over microbeads! SOURCE: crystalcandymakeup New research indicates that glitter is causing ecological damage to freshwater habitats. Yes, I am talking about the glitter in your $70-dollar Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. According to a new study led by Dr. Dannielle Green of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), glitter is effecting the […]


The WTF: The Week This Friday Vol. 20

 The Earthshot Prize Source: BBC Move over Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Prize for environmentalism is coming through! Sir David Attenborough has joined forces with Prince William to launch “the Earthshot Prize”. According to BBC, this is the biggest environmental prize to date. They are searching for 50 solutions to the world’s […]

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Time to Be Bold

People across the world are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and unfortunately, the e-NGO sector is no exception. The Sustainability Network along with Environmental Funders Canada took it upon themselves to conduct a flash survey to understand the upcoming needs and risks of fellow e-NGOs. They surveyed almost 250 […]


The WTF: The Week This Friday Vol. 19

Mark your calendars Source: Stop the Money Pipeline Today, a coalition of over 130 different organizations across North America, known as Stop the Money Pipeline, are going to come together to protest various financial institutions backing the Trans Mountain, Line 3, and Keystone Pipelines. For years, financial institutions like JP […]