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Invest with a white back

Alternatives Journal Releases: INVEST IN CHANGE

KITCHENER, September 2020 Today, Alternatives Journal is releasing our latest issue, INVEST IN CHANGE. Over the last decade, the supply and demand for climate conscious investment has seen tremendous growth. Investors are now considering environmental, social, and corporate governance scores (ESG) when making investment decisions. Millions of dollars in private […]


The WTF: The Week This Friday Vol. 17

Epic Fail Source: Pixabay Ten years ago, 196 countries gathered in Japan to attend the Convention on Biological Diversity. The meeting resulted in a ten year-plan to save our planet’s natural biodiversity through various targets to meet by 2020. Well, its 2020. How have we done? According to the United Nations’ Global Biodiversity […]

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Growing Partnerships, Prosperity and a Brighter Future for Us All

“The right to land and to self-government. The right to self-determination. Those causes are right in any society.”  Being Métis, that statement by Jim Sinclair to the 1987 First Ministers’ Conference often plays in my mind.  Self-determination—the ability to freely pursue one’s own destiny—is a basic human right. It is enshrined […]


Trash Talk

Welcome to Trash Talk, This is a safe space to spill all the dirt, all the trashiest stories, and the confessions of the environmental world that we come across and may not want to speak about. Confessions of a Waste Auditor – Part 1 The Wrong Type of Green – […]


Confessions of a Waste Auditor

It is my belief the moment you become attuned to the sickly sweet smell of warm trash stewing under a hot sun, you may, with confidence, consider oneself a graduate from ‘novince waste auditor’ to ’employee officially desensitized to the horrors of the waste industry. I, to my overwhelming lack […]