Industrial Pollution

Canada and the Kyoto Protocol

From its ratification in 2002 to Canada’s eventual withdrawal from the agreement in 2011, the Kyoto Protocol has caused many debates, disagreements and discussion for the country and its citizens. In December, Canada is expected to sign on to a new climate agreement at COP21 in Paris. Is there anything […]

Reclaiming the Don by Jennifer L. Bonnell

Reclaiming the Don

For the 100,000 daily commuters who travel on the Don Valley Parkway in to Toronto’s East end, the landscape is likely viewed as a picturesque transportation corridor, if it is noticed at all. Do Torontonians truly understand the valley for all that it has been in the past – a […]

Shorebirds in southern Nova Scotia at Port Joli

Endangered Perspective: An Ocean in Peril, a Gulf in Need

Did you know there used to be giant sloths? I’m not kidding. We’re talking six metres long and occupying much of the globe, including North America. You might imagine something this colossal living alongside the dinosaurs, but you’d be wrong. These giants lived in the time of our ancestors, perhaps […]