Extinction Art Spread

Extinction Art

THIRTY YEARS after Andy Warhol made a series of silkscreen prints to raise awareness of endangered species, evidence of an ongoing sixth mass-extinction event grows. Each year, Canada’s list of species at risk gets longer. A blogger at Scientific American offers an extinction countdown. Scientists provide alarming accounts and warn […]

Terra Lightfoot

Music and Environment Collide at Harvest Picnic

Terra Lightfoot played at Hillside Music Festival and the Harvest Picnic this summer. These are two festivals that I keep my eye on because they weave environment so beautifully into their occasion. Both keep their event footprint sustainably light, and they attract artists (and patrons) who care about the planet […]

Dr. Vandana Shiva at Planet in Focus

Film as a Catalyst for Change

Last week, Planet in Focus wrapped their five-days of 60 films, from 15 countries, attended by 30 international and Canadian filmmakers. With numerous sold-out screenings including their opening event “An Evening with Dr. Vandana Shiva”, the attendance for this year’s event was up 15 percent from last year.