Environmental Law


Ontario MPP Peter Tabuns (NDP) tables climate damages legislation

The Toronto MPP and former Greenpeace head introduced Bill 21 Monday at Queen’s Park, legislation that would  pave the way for individuals, governments and businesses to sue fossil fuel companies for property damage or loss, the higher cost of insurance or infrastructure expenses to protect against future harm.

Nozzle with warning label

Buyer Beware

The era of climate change denial is over, yet the connection between human consumption and climate change continues to be lost on some consumers. Climate change warning labels on gas pump nozzles provide a low-cost solution to bridge the gap that societies have towards the cause and effect of climate change.

Exxon vs. the People

ExxonMobil on Trial

There was nothing “mock” about it. Canadian journalist Naomi Klein and American founder of 350.org Bill McKibben served as co-council in the trial of ExxonMobil. One of the biggest oil companies is the world was put on trial in Paris for crimes of deception. Investigations earlier this year revealed that […]

Canadian Flag

Canada and COP: a History

In 1992, Canada joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) along with 153 other nations. By 1994 the agreement became official with currently a universal membership with 195 Parties. As a signatory, Canada is part of the Conference of Parties (COP) and annually participates in their sessions […]