Istanbul Spice Market by Chris Winter

We Are How We Eat

In Verona, that most picturesque and fabled town, we ate horse. It was a cultural challenge, not a culinary one. The pastissada de caval was superb. As our waiter explained, horsemeat may have had its origins in tough times, but today it has everything to do with taste, not necessity. […]

Water is moved around the world in commodities.

Hidden Streams

Water is embedded in and enriches nearly everything, including food. Agriculture accounts for a staggering 92 per cent of the rain, ground and surface water that people consume, most of it pumped for irrigation to produce cereal grains, meat and milk. This crucial reliance on water faces big challenges; a […]

Hospital food

When’s the Last Time You Visited a Hospital for the Food?

This past June, while attending a food-related conference in Burlington, Vermont, I inevitably found myself looking for somewhere decent to eat near campus. After asking around a bit, I was surprised to hear how many people recommended the hospital. Hospital food generally evokes the same reaction as airplane food. It’s […]

Newfoundland root cellar

Deep Green: Newfoundland’s Root Cellar Renaissance

To be brutally honest, I actually don’t believe in sustainability at all. I confess! The trend currently identified as “sustainability” would simply be called using common sense if either of my grandmothers were to offer their posthumous opinions. While it is true that new technologies and radical innovations might sell […]

Lufa Farms Ahuntsic at sunset

Are Rooftop Greenhouses the Food Solution We’ve Been Waiting For?

Imagine a city that produces enough food to feed its population, a city that grows food without monopolizing more land; imagine a city of rooftop farms. This vision is precisely what the founders of Lufa Farms are aiming to make reality. In 2011, Lufa built the world’s first commercial rooftop […]