Contributor Guidelines: Reviews

A\J publishes reviews and critical assessments of academic and non-specialist books, films, music and art exhibits for a primarily Canadian environmental audience. We print 600- to 750-word book reviews in every issue of A\J, as well as shorter reviews (300 to 400 words) of current documentary releases and art exhibitions.

Occasionally, we publish review essays (1200 to 1500 words) on a collection of recent, related publications. The website also publishes book and film reviews that do not appear in the print magazine. We rarely review media that are more than two years old, and we never review exhibits that are no longer accessible to the public.

Submission Procedure

To express interest in reviewing an environmental book, film or art exhibit (or to suggest a title for review), please fill out our proposal form.


Reviews should succinctly report the subject’s main arguments and virtues, and generally address these questions: What is this book (or film, etc) about? Who should read it? What will they learn? Is the information accurate? Are there things it misses? Will this book impact environmental discussion and practice in Canada or internationally? Should it?

We are not interested in chapter-by-chapter descriptions of a book’s structure, but rather its themes as a whole and why they are useful and/or interesting.

We will decide whether to publish a review according to how interesting we think it will be to our readers. Please be aware that reviews may be edited for length, style and clarity.


Please put the book information at the top of the review, in the following format: Title, Author, City: Publisher, Year.
For reviews of videos or films, use the same format to indicate the director, distributor and length in minutes.