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Praise for A\J

“A\J has emerged as the go-to source for up-to-date news on the environment and is reaching thousands with its insightful reporting. As the mainstream media abandon environmental issues, we need sources such as A\J more than ever. I am a big fan!” Maude Barlow, National Chairperson, Council of Canadians

“The environmental movement has, for decades, done a very effective job in reaching out to the usual suspects, those with a predisposition to the message.  Our tone, language, design and messaging has done little to invite those on the periphery to take part in the discussion.  The revamped A\J has done a fabulous job of welcoming new eyes to the venerable periodical.  It has a more friendly and modern look, less of an academic tone and content that is much more available to a larger audience.  These changes will contribute to creating a new, younger and larger audience for A\J.  Exactly the kind of strategy that is missed by much of the environmental community.” –Jed Goldberg, President, Earth Day Canada

“Alternatives Journal was always good to get, but we now look forward to the new A\J in our offices, as indispensable to those working in the environmental community. It is bright, relevant, wide ranging, useful, and important.” –Michael de Pencier, Co-Founder, Investeco Green Funds

“I do really appreciate the newly reinvigorated A\J, not as much the stylistic facelift as much as the new approach – getting out into the community – ENGOs in particular – and facilitating cross sectoral environmental issues work. I read A\J for peer reviewed information and trends analysis from thought leaders but rely on the A\J team to stir the pot.” Paul Bubelis, Executive Director, Sustainability Network

“I’m delighted with A\J’s new direction. The magazine is imaginative, beautiful, and sure to engage an audience far beyond the current environmental community. So many progressive journals read like ‘spinach’ — nourishing but not much fun. Alternatives Journal is strawberries and cream.” –Gideon Forman, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

“American environmentalists would be wise to look to Canada’s Alternatives Journal for cogent, well-informed reporting and commentary on green issues.” – UTNE

Praise for the redesign

“The redesign looks amazing! Your team should be very proud. I’m so impressed by the bold choices you guys made.”  –Steve Krysak, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist, University of Waterloo Faculty of Environment

“The issue looks great—your team pulled it all off in spectacular fashion. It’s fresh, current, interesting, vibrant…” –Keith Treffry, Director of Communications & Development, Earth Day Canada

“I received the new A/J yesterday and I am compelled to write and send my thanks and congratulations on the reboot. It is fantastic. Love the makeover, love the update, love the layout… So from all of us long time enviros, thanks for retooling a staple of the environmental movement in Canada and we look forward to another 41 years.” –Deborah Curran, Hakai Professor in Environmental Law, University of Victoria Faculty of Law

“New issue just arrived – it looks AMAZING!!! From cover to cover, so, SO impressive. I’m seriously blown away.” –Anicka Quin, Editor-in-Chief, Western Living magazine

“Good on you and your team for shaking it up. You’ve done the right thing, and I am so proud of A\J and the new look. Keep up the great work!” –Lane Burman, Cocoon Apothecary Inc.


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A\J press releases

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