Daniella Quarrey

Daniella Quarrey is completing her Bachelor of Environmental Studies in International Development and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Waterloo this semester. She is currently living in the Amazon jungle working at the Peruvian Amazon Research Institute helping foster sustainable development for cacao and coffee crops as a research assistant for bio-protection of tropical crops.

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Pieces of chocolate and mint leaves
Canadians can help contribute to the growing success of the ethical, sustainable chocolate trade. Advice from local farmers in Peru’s booming region of San Martin enlightens us on how best...
Cacao pod and seeds.
The basics of cacao production are fairly straightforward, but a healthy crop requires specific conditions to flourish and balancing all of the contributing factors can get pretty complex.High-quality, rich, aromatic chocolate is produced from...
Chocolate, raw cacao, cinnamon sticks and star anise A\J AlternativesJournal.ca
To help satisfy chocolate cravings all over the world, many Peruvian farmers have chosen to dedicate their lives to organic cacao cultivation. But they need more support from agricultural research...