Lindsay Mason

Lindsay is completing her Honours English Literature degree at the University of Waterloo. She is interested in bringing academic work down from the ivory tower, and the ways in which we can limit our personal impacts on the environment.  She has won three UW English Society awards for her poetry and prose. Lindsay likes reading, Mexican food, crosswords, and walking anywhere.

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Honeybees have been part of both our agriculture and our mythology for millennia. From Mesopotamia to Maya bees have been depicted as symbols of eloquence and prophecy. The Delphic oracle...
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The list of things that expectant mothers should avoid is notoriously long: hair dye, unpasteurized cheese and even some herbal teas, to name a few. But according to Pre-Polluted, a...
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Canadians waste more energy than almost any people in the world. We love big trucks, beer fridges and keeping our homes colder in the summer than in the winter. That’s...