Micaela Yawney

Micaela Yawney is an environmental writer, poet, storyteller, photographer, and adventurer from British Columbia, Canada. Inspired by her love for the natural world, she focuses her writing on telling the stories of hope, resilience, and advocacy from within the sustainability movement. Micaela is a storyteller at heart whose writing, poetry, and photography exudes passion for the people and places that bring her joy. She is currently working on publishing her first collection of poetry that will appear sometime in 2021! You can follow along with more of Micaela’s writing, poetry, and photography on her website at micaelayawney.com or on Instagram at @micaelayawney.

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Creation and consumption are a necessary part of living. On a daily basis, we are required to buy and consume from brands in order to feed our families, clothe our...

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