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Mimi Shaftoe

 Mimi Shaftoe is in her third year of Conflict studies at the University of Ottawa. She’s passionate about climate and environmental justice, and loves to read and explore new places. She is currently coordinating on A\J’s Summer Student Takeover.

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Time to be bold PIC

People across the world are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and unfortunately, the e-NGO sector is no exception. The Sustainability Network along with Environmental Funders Canada took it upon...

On a beautiful stretch of green fields and trees on the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve, two rounded structures stand out from the landscape of rolling hills: an...
system change not climate change

In developing A\J’s upcoming “Invest in Change” issue, I have been thinking a lot about our economic and social systems; how they affect us and how they could be changed...

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