Climate Cartoons #1 – What is a Carbon Budget? video by Green Majority

Climate science can be a difficult topic to talk about with its many unintuitive concepts, and it's this confusion that leads to confused voters! 

This new animated series by Green Majority uses simple language and hand drawn animations to help explain the basic concepts of climate science that citizens need to know to have an informed position on this vital issue, without telling them what to think about it. 

The goal is to lower the barrier of entry for people to learn and share ideas about the problems we face, and what we need to do about them.

Starting with this first pilot episode "What is a Carbon Budget?" the series will be designed as a course on climate essentials for newbies, each episode tackling one small piece of the puzzle in bite-sized two or three minute videos. Each episode will continue on from the one prior to it in the series, to encourage discussion of the ideas as well as self-directed learning at the viewers' own pace. Perfect for classes as young as grade nine to our grandparents, the goal is to lower the barrier of entry for people to learn and share ideas about the problems we face, and what we need to do about them.

The next episode will explore the question "What does having a carbon budget mean?" before breaking out into a number of smaller topics such as advantages and disadvantages of various types of renewable energy, carbon pricing methods, centralized versus decentralized energy grids, the risks of geo-engineering and much more, all with the same accessible, calm and thoughtful comparisons and examples that will allow anyone to learn and participate in these important discussions.

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In the next few weeks we'll release another video and more information about the series, as well as what we want to do with it. Until then, sit back and enjoy the first episode in the series.

No matter your politics, young or old, if you've ever wondered, "what's the big deal with climate change?" then this series is for you!

Daryn Caister is the host and director of the environmental news radio program The Green Majority, which is syndicated on more than 21 stations and has more than 50,000 weekly listeners. Caister studied Environmental policy and Urban Studies at the University of Toronto, and is particularly interested in politics, science and skepticism, building green cities and linking renewable energy with transportation systems.

Stefan is the co-founder and executive director of the Green Society Campaign and one half of Green Majority Media, whose work focuses on using media, culture and community to bring environmental issues into the forefront while promoting like minded groups to support the movement as a whole. He graduated from the University of Toronto School of the Environment in 2012 and has been working on environmental issues and media since 2010.

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