Does climate change inhibit extraterrestrial life from making contact?

Most Earth-like Exoplanet Started out as Gas Giant by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center \ CC BY-SA 2.0

NASA's powerful Kepler telescope has shown that almost all stars in our galaxy have planets. This breathes new life into the Fermi Paradox, which considers why, given the age of the universe and vast number of planets, we have not encountered alien civilizations.

Recently an astrophysics professor put forward a theory to answer the Fermi Paradox: All advanced civilizations inevitably destroy themselves through self-inflicted climate change brought on by intense energy harvesting of their home planets.

In this audio piece we meet Leonard, Rose and Lanny as they ponder the existence of aliens and whether disastrous climate change is inevitable for us and the rest of life in the universe.


All music in this piece was produced from this NASA Sputnik sample.

Ellie Gordon-Moershel is an independent audio producer and writer based in Toronto. She has completed audio stories for Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, PrideHouseTO, Yukon Government, CBC and Deutsche Welle. Her writing has appeared in, Canadian Dimension, Left Hook, and OHS Canada Magazine. Find more of her work at

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