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2011 Parliament Hill demonstration | Ben Powless

After a slew of campaign promises about climate action and COP21 attendance, Canadian environmentalists’ eyes are on Justin Trudeau to see what he delivers. The day after his swearing in and just weeks before the UN climate summit in Paris, Justin Trudeau will get a “Climate Welcome” in the form of a march to Rideau Hall and sit in over several days this week.

Between November 5-8, participants will peacefully protest, delivering “welcoming gifts” like broken treaties with First Nations, petitions to stop tar sands expansion and a set of solar panels for 24 Sussex.

“This is an action to push Trudeau to step up,” said Amina Moustaqim-Barette, media representative for the event, which is in part organized by the Canadian chapter of

Nearly 2000 people have RSVP’d, but how many will actually show up to march tomorrow is unknown. The goal is to, through civil disobedience, get Canada’s newly minted Prime Minister to make commitments. 350 Canada is seeking a commitment to freeze tar sands expansion, carbon emissions reduction targets and begin Canada’s transition to a clean energy economy.

“Trudeau was elected around 40 days before the UN climate summit, and thus for has not given any emission reduction targets or committed to any climate goals,” Moustaqim-Barette said.

“Civil disobedience actions are important because we’ve gotten to a stage in the fight against climate change where these kinds of actions are needed.”

Organizers are tying loose ends in the final day before the march and sit ins begin. Sign up to be part of the Climate Welcome action and share your experiences on social media with #ClimateWelcome.

Megan is A\J's editorial manager, a lover of journalism, and graduate of the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Environment. 


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