Art & Media 39.3

Art & Media 39.3

A\J’s 2nd annual Art & Media issue explores how creativity, content and the pursuit of sustainability intersect, and includes: 

  • 12 web tools for sustainable living; 
  • 11&n

    A\J’s 2nd annual Art & Media issue explores how creativity, content and the pursuit of sustainability intersect, and includes: 

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    Listen up: This issue’s podcast features Giles Slade, author of Made to Break and The Big Disconnect discussing the way our society disposes of anything we don’t like anymore, from stuff to people. We also hear from artist/author Franke James about her censorship battle, her art and her next wave of provocation.

    From the Vault: Cultural renewal and a creative economy bring wealth to our cities. Read Beautiful Cities by Glen Murray, from our 2006 Creative Communities issue.

    Here’s what else you get when you buy the issue:

    Letters to the Editor

    In Brief: Step Back from the Cliff, Sustainability Works, Research Digest

    Waste in, Data out – Andrew Wong
    Microsoft’s closed-loop data centre experiment aims to change the impact of the world’s IT sector.

    How to See Things – Eric Rumble
    Lessons in perception from five documentary filmmakers.
    + Preview online: Richard Boyce

    Banned on the Hill: Nobody puts Franke in a corner.
    + Listen to Franke James discuss her censorship battle and her art on the podcast.

    Around the World in 10 Docs – Semini Pathberiya
    Explore hope and heartache on the front lines with these documentary reviews.
    Trouble in the Peace (2012) 
    Canicula (2011)
    Leviathan (2012)
    Cerro Rico, Tierra Rica (2012)
    The Carbon Rush (2012)
    Metamorphosen (2013)
    The Last Reef (2012)
    Bitter Seeds (2011)
    e-wasteland (2012)
    Orange Witness (2012)

    Form With Function – Julie Bélanger
    7 Canadian artists muse on the meaning of environmental art and why we need it.
    + Preview online: Kelly Richardson and Michael Belmore

    Point of No Returns – Andrew Nikiforuk
    How a financial analyst uses the laws of thermodynamics to explain the globe’s crippled economies.

    Concrete Orchard – Denise Deby
    Ottawa’s new urban foraging business feeds the needy.
    + A Taste of Canada’s Food-Tree Groups

    OpinionRobert Gibson
    There’s a big difference between telling us what to believe and reporting what we need to know.

    In Review:

    Wake up and Smell the Denial – Review essay by Jeff Gailus
    The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism by Steve Goreham
    Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes & Erik W. Conway
    Living in Denial by Karle Marle Norgaard

    Carry-on Reading – 4 great new books that travel well
    A Field Guide to Alpine Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains by Hälle Flygare – Reviewed by Tyrone Burke
    River Notes: A Natural and Human History of the Colorado by Wade Davis – Reviewed by Sylvie Spraakman
    Gift Ecology: Reimagining a Sustainable World by Peter Denton – Reviewed by John R. Ferguson
    Origins by Darryl Whetter – Reviewed by Amiththan Sebarajah

    Black Ice: Prints from Newfoundland, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria – Reviewed by Grace Johnstone
    Beautiful Corn: America’s Original Grain from Seed to Plate by Anthony Boutard – Reviewed by Rachael Baker

    We acknowledge the financial support of Canada’s International Development Research Centre (; ECO Canada; EJLB Foundation; Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation; The McLean Foundation; Ontario Arts Council; Ontario Media Development Corporation; Ontario Work Study Plan; the Sustainability Network and the University of Waterloo Work Placement Program. We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund for our publishing activities. The support of the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo and the Waterloo Environmental Students Endowment Foundation is appreciated.

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