Community Economic Development and Trade 22.1

Published: January 1996

Editorial: Rethinking the Powers of Trade - Susan Wismer

Building Communities to Limit Trade: Following the Example of Women's Initiatives - Ellie Perkins

Building strong communities depends heavily on economic roles often filled by women and on approaches that women have been foremost in expounding and exemplifying.
Inset: Investing in Women by Cheryl Evans

Offsetting Corporate Trade: Free Trade, Community Development and Alternative Trade in the South Pacific - Frank Tester and Glenn Drover

Community development initiatives and alternative trading arrangements point to more ecologically and socially attractive approaches to development.
Inset: What is Trade? by Howard Esbin

Tracing the Trail of Tomasita the Tomato: Popular Education around Globalization - Deborah Barndt

How does a tomato get from a Mexican plantation to a hamburger in a Toronto fast food restaurant?

Sun Provides Renewable Energy Alternatives for Developing World - Michael P. Milburn

Green Options for Investments - Tim Johnson

Wildlife's Best Neighbour - Steven Hunt

Emery Roe, Narrative Policy Analysis: Theory and Practice 
Munyaradzi Chenje and Phyllis Johnson, eds.,The State of the Environment in Southern Africa 
Husain Sadar and Z. Si, eds., Priority Environmental Issues in Asia: The Need and Importance of Developing Cooperative Approaches 
Kraft E. von Maltzahn, Nature as Landscape: Dwelling and Understanding 
Michael M'Gonigle and Ben Parfitt, Forestopia: A Practical Guide to the New Forest Economy


Community Economic Development Alternatives Journal 22.1
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