The Past, Present & Future of Earth Day

This Earth Day 2021, A\J is partnering up with Earth Day Canada to present a collaborative editorial series titled “The Past, Present, and Future of Earth Day”. In the 3 weeks leading up to Earth Day, A\J will be publishing an article each week about the meaning of Earth Day and how that has evolved. What does earth day mean to us? Why is it important to the environmental movement today? We want to explore the history of Earth Day as well as how the core values and focuses of this celebration have changed over the years to the present day, and then what it might look like in the future.

Stay tuned for these articles during Earth month this year! Also, check out the other campaigns Earth Day Canada has prepared for this year’s celebration of our planet.

The Past – Earth Day Origins: A Journey Through the Decades

The what, why, where, and hows of Earth Day’s origin. What core environmental value was this day born out of? How did people celebrate Earth Day through the decades? How did the core values change through history?

The Present – Earth Day: Today 

What does Earth Day mean to us now, in 2021? What environmental and social values have transformed since the beginning of Earth Day in Canada? How should we be celebrating Earth Day this year?

The Future – Earth Day: The Future

What will the message of Earth Day look like in the future? What might people be doing to celebrate Earth Day in 50 years from now? What environmental values do we hope to pass onto following generations to continue celebrating and caring for the Earth?