Eastern Perspectives

Eastern Perspectives

This monthly editorial column titled “Eastern Perspectives” is written by Zack Metcalfe. Running from September 2021 to August 2022, this series explores species at risk, biodiversity loss, climate change, and other environmental topics with an Atlantic Canadian perspective.

September 2021 – When the Sky was a Different Colour 

October 2021 – Carbon and Conservation

November 2021 – It’s Time to Stop Being Polite About Plants

December 2021 – Fighting for the Shade

January 2022 – Rewilding the Mind

February 2022 – Camp Last Hope

March 2022 – Water for the Weary

April 2022 – The Very Last of the Atlantic Caribou

May 2022 – The Crisis Fish

June 2022 – The Fighting Willows

July 2022 – A Change in the Overstory

August 2022 – The Debt We Owe to Giants

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