Université du Québec à Montréal

Campus in Montreal, Quebec


  • Atmospheric Science (MSc)
  • Biology (MSc, PhD)
  • Earth & Atmospheric Science (PhD)
  • Earth & Atmospheric Science: Geology Concentration (BSc)
  • Earth Science (MSc)
  • Environmental Design (BA, MA)
  • Environmental Science (MSc, PhD)
  • Geography (BSc, MSc)
  • Science, Technology & Society (MA, PhD)
  • Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management (MASc)

Co-op option: No

Why Go Here?

UQAM is a French-language university committed to well-rounded, professonal and enriched learning. The Campus is located in downtown Montreal and the Biological Sciences building is LEED silver certified. Faculty have recieved several prizes and distinctions. Programs place a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity studies, with the aim of finding solutions to complex modern-day environmental problems. UQAM offers amazing funding and scholarship opportunities. 


Applied Learning

Applied learning opportunities include internships, work placements, field courses, international study options and research projects. UQAM offers courses and whole terms abroad, including a summer Environmental Design course in Germany. Internships and scholarships are available through the Centre for Forest Research. 


Extracurricular Activities  

Students can get involved with the community through the Environmental Science Institute’s forum and numerous public workshops. CRAPAUD is a student research group in urban agriculture, responsible for projects including a community garden, day camps and summer programs. 

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