Best Practices

A major sports tournament isn’t delivering on its sustainability promises yet again – and the story won't change until the impact of international travel is addressed.
If you build a sustainable airport in Fort McMurray, does it matter?
The Working Centre, a community skill-building organization in Kitchener, describes how they put their sharing philosophy to work.
  • Salvaging Beetlemania: How 2 #Toronto organizations are making use of emerald ash borer-infested lumber. 2 hours 10 min ago
  • Melissa from our DIY Beekeeping video will be at #WordOnTheStreet #Kitchener on Saturday, across from city hall! 5 hours 48 min ago
  • RT @DoorsOpenWR: @InHabitings @AlternativesJ ...that's a tough one. Next year? There is an elevator, a 1920s Otis, between the two floors! 17 hours 8 min ago