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The Nature of Things: The Nano Revolution

Around the year 2000, I attended a conference organized by the Council of Canadians about the risks associated with genetically modified organisms. At some point during the proceedings, an extraordinary thing happened. One of the speakers, professor Ann Clark (then of Guelph University) rose and said the following: the problem […]

A shale gas well in Pennsylvania

Fracking’s Return on Investment is a Myth

J. David Hughes is a geoscientist with four decades of experience analyzing Canada’s energy resources, including 32 years with the Geological Survey of Canada. He developed the National Coal Inventory and recently coordinated an assessment of Canada’s unconventional natural gas potential. His 2013 publication, Drill, Baby, Drill: Can unconventional fuels […]

Ruptured pipeline responsible for Kalamazoo spill.

The Cautionary Tale of Kalamazoo

In the early hours of July 26, 2010, Sue Connolly bundled her children into the car and drove to the local daycare in Marshall, Michigan, like every other weekday. But on this morning, something was not quite right. “There was a very strong odor in the air. It just took […]