Over 100 people were arrested at an anti-tar sands action in Ottawa Sept 26

Rethinking Resistance

AS THE PUSH FOR TAR SANDS PIPELINES ESCALATES and the legal channels for fighting them become exhausted, some environmentalists are reconsidering the value of civil disobedience, which Sierra Club Canada (SCC) executive director John Bennett describes as “breaking an unjust law or breaking a law to draw attention to an […]


Enough is Enough – First Nations Say No More Pipelines

First nations chiefs and hereditary leaders gathered in Ottawa on March 20, 2013, to take a stand against the plan to build four tar sands pipelines through their territories in the United States and Canada. The Yinka Dene Alliance, the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, the Yankton Sinoux […]

photo (cc) Dru Oja Jay, Dominion

Can Canada Atone for its Climate Sins?

Canada is a world-class climate dinosaur. We aren’t the leading per capita GHG emitter (that is Qatar), but we may get there yet. We signed and ratified Kyoto, but ignored it for years, radically exceeded our promised emissions target and then just abandoned the agreement. We are the only nation […]


Blocking the Arteries of the Tar Sands

There’s been a tremendous amount of media coverage surrounding Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, which spawned an incredible resistance movement led primarily by indigenous nations of British Columbia. Events such as Defend Our Coast attracted thousands of protestors, while the Yinka Dene Alliance made national headlines with their anti-pipeline tour across […]

Shoreline of the Shell Albian Oil Sands tailings pond, near Fort McKay. © Ian Wi

Battling Canada’s Carbon Addiction

To celebrate the new year, many people have made resolutions – which ultimately may or may not be successful. The nations of the world made their own resolution shortly before the holidays, and what we can expect isn’t entirely clear. What is clear is that climate change is accelerating, and […]