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The Selling of the Skagit Alternatives Journal 4.3

The Selling of the Skagit 4.3

Editorial – Robert C. Paehlke The N.E.B. and Decision Making in Canada – Robert Page The Skagit Valley Controversy: A Case in History in Environmental Politics – Thomas L. Perry, Jr. A Standardized Pop Bottle for Canada? – Elton A. Anderson FM Radio as Observational Access to Wilderness Environments – […]

Alternatives Journal 4.4

Summer 1975 4.4

Editorial: Nuclear Power – Robert C. Paehlke The Real Limits to Growth – W.A. Ross Some Ways of Thinking About the Future – Janice Tait An Exchange of Views on Nuclear Power – C.A. Mawson, Lille d’Easum and Ted Schrecker Prairie Madness: The Garrison Diversion – Onno Kremers Cooperative Settlements […]

Winter 1974 Alternative Journal 3.2

Winter 1974 3.2

Editorial: Labour and the Environment – Robert C. Paehlke A Question of Choice – David Brooks and Alma Norman Goin’ Down the River to James Bay – Bruce Hodgins, Carol Hodgins and Marcus Bruce Save Maple Mountain! – Jamie Benidickson Federal Air Pollution Policy: Some Thoughts on Effects and Feedbacks […]

World Population Year Alternatives Journal 3.3

World Population Year 3.3

Editorial – Robert C. Paehlke Canada’s Role in World Population Year 1974 – Richard Burkart Canadian Population Policy Development: Recent Action and Some Concerns – L.R. Marsden Canadian Immigration and Population Study – R.M. Tait Population and Technology – Frank Kelly Population Projections and Growth: Proposals or Prophecies? – Chris […]

Art & Media 38.3

Art & Media 38.3

Art is powerful. Art can both explain the world around us, and inspire people to care about it. Art & Media is an extension of our annual EcoBooks issue, featuring provocative and compelling visual art by the likes of Iain Baxter&, Broken City Lab, Cory Trépanier, Greg Euclide, Ed Schleimer […]

Summer 1974 Alternatives Journal 3.4

Summer 1974 3.4

Editorial – Robert C. Paehlke Environmental Crisis and the Artistic Invasion – Ronald Rees Wilderness and Culture – Wayland Drew Syncrude or Socialism? – Larry Pratt Utilizing Canadian Natural Resources – Eric Kierans Ecology as Ideology – James A. Harding Social Costs of Technological Progress – John M. Raftery

Autumn 1974 Alternatives Journal 4.1

Autumn 1974 4.1

Editorial James Bay Update – Dorothy Rosenberg Public Involvement in Government Decisions – M. Rupert Cutler and Daniel A. Bronstein Development, Environment, Indians and the Southwest Power Controversy – Hanna J. Cortner Geographers and Northern Development: Some Social and Political Considerations – Peter J. Usher

Alternatives Journal 2.2

Winter 1973 2.2

Politics, Equality, and the End of Progress – Charles S. Green Planning in Vermont – Mark B. Lapping The Relevance of Classical Political Theory for Economy, Technology, and Ecology – Mulford Q. Sibley The Dragon’s Breath – Carol Bangay Reviews Survival – Margaret Atwood Surfacing – Margaret Atwood

Spring 1973 Alternatives Journal 2.3

March 1973 2.3

Editorial: Canada, Nickel and the World’s Non-renewable Resources – Robert Paehlke The Meaning of the North in Canada – Bruce Hodgins and Jamie Benedickson Sudbury, Nickel and Inco: Early History – Jamie Benedickson An Alternatives Interview with Elie Martel, MPP Atmospheric Composition and Precipitation of the Sudbury Region – J. […]

Energy and Power Alternatives Journal 2.4

Energy and Power 2.4

Editorial: Energy and Power – Robert C. Paehlke It’s Not Too Late: Yet – C. G. Morley The Political Metaphors of Environmental Control – Walter Goldstein For a National Energy Policy – Sanford Osler Energy Conservation – Brian Kelly A Scenario for Nova Scotia’s Future – W. J. Smith, G. […]