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Who Pays Scientists? Alternatives Journal 8.1

Who Pays Scientists? 8.1

Editorial – Robert C. Paehlke Ecological Crisis and the Autonomy of Science in Capitalist Society: a Canadian Case Study – David W. Livingstone and Richard V. Mason Manitoulin South Shore – James L. Hodgins The Transition to Renewable Resource Societies and the end of “Flat Earth Economics” – Hazel Henderson […]

Special Agriculture Issue Alternatives Journal 6.1

Special Agriculture Issue 6.1

Editorial – Robert C. Paehlke Energy and Agriculture in Ontario – The Ontario Institute of Agrologists Environmental Technology for Agriculture – The Brace Research Institute Biodynamic/French Intensive Agriculture – John C. Jeavons Home Food Production in Newfoundland – John W. Evans Poisoned Cities and Urban Gardens – Gil Friend

Winter 1977 Alternatives Journal 6.2

Winter 1977 6.2

Editorial – Robert Paehlke The Politics of Transformation – William Ophuls The Strongest Force in the Universe – Robert Herendeen Energy Policy Planning: Towards a Critical Perspective – Murray Randall Clearcutting Canada’s Forests – Ted Jackson Ethical Perspectives on Urban Transportation – Donald W. Huffman

Stop! You're Killing Me! Alternatives Journal 6.3

Stop! You’re Killing Me! 6.3

Editorial: Stop, You’re Killing Me! – Ted Schrecker Concorde, Environment and Canadian Foreign Policy – Douglass Ross Breathing Can Be Injurious to your Health – Anne Forrest Air Quality and Income in Hamilton, Ontario – Femida Handy Labour, Environment and Community: 12 Ways to Start Working Together – Robert Paehlke

Summer 1977 Alternatives Journal 6.4

Summer 1977 6.4

Editorial: Energy: Many Battles to Go – Ted Schrecker The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline: A Battle, Not A War – David B. Brooks A Summer of Decision: Pipelines and Pipedreams – Robert Page Reader Information Service Resource Development in Labrador – Lucie Edwards Carter Bay: Las Vegas of the North? – […]

Alternatives Journal 7.1

Nuclear Energy 7.1

Editorial: Toward the Conserver Society – Ted Schrecker Energy Paths for Canada – W.A Ross From Dream to Nightmare: The Historical Origins of Canada’s Nuclear Electric Future – Doug Torgerson The Atom Bomb is Twenty-Five This Year – John Brunner People…and Other Hazards of Nuclear Technology – Ralph Torrie

Alternatives Journal 5.1

Winter 1976 5.1

Editorial – Robert C. Paehlke Water and Man – D.B. Russell Tourism and Development: The East African Case – John S. Marsh Lifeboat Ethics: A Reply to Hardin – Janet Besecker and Phil Elder Minamata: Canada Reviews Minamata – W. Eugene Smith and Aileen M. Smith Energy and Equity – […]

Alternatives Journal 5.2

Spring 1976 5.2

Editorial: Environmentalism and Optimism – Robert C. Paehlke The Rise and Fall of Industrial Agriculture – Larry M. Geno The Future of Canadian Population Policy – Chris Taylor For an Eschatological Ecology – John M. Raftery Nuclear Power for Ontario? – Amory Lovins Nuclear Power: A New Dimension in Politics […]

Alternatives Journal 5.3-4

Food and Shelter; Country and City 5.3-4

Editorial: Food and Shelter: Country and City – Robert Paehlke Environmentally Appropriate Housing – Ron Argue and Bruce McCallum Solar Homes: An Olde Idea Revisited – Robert K. Swartman Sunshine Sketches for a New Suburbia – Christine Swartman In Praise of Canada’s Older Buildings – George Galt, Marc Denhez and […]

Winter 1975 Alternatives Journal 4.2

Winter 1975 4.2

Editorial – R.C. Paehlke Technological Limits to Growth Revisited – William Ophuls Growth: Limits or Process? – Al Chambers Let’s Halt Canada’s Fission Program – Lille d’Easum Alberta’s Athabasca Oil Sands: A Canadian Perspective – Paul Bresee and Stephen Tyler