Not in my Backyard

The “Not in My Backyard” (NIMBY) problem can put a real lid on wind energy uptake if a sufficient number of backyards are marked as off-limits. And we need those yards. A windmill can’t exactly function to peak capacity when tucked furtively away in one’s garage. But what creates the […]

We Blew It

In the August/September issue of A\J [38:5, In Defence of Science], energy reporter Andrew Nikiforuk wrote a column that rubbed a number of our readers the wrong way. The executive directors of Environmental Defence and the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment responded with a joint letter that picked […]

Home Brew

NOT LONG AFTER ARRIVING in North Carolina, I became enamored with that exotic Southern delicacy: deep-fried turkey. Each time I fried a bird, however, I was left with gallons of used cooking oil. The recycler in me found it hard to throw such waste in the woods, so in 2002 […]

Pedal Power

We are often asked if our pedal-driven biodiesel reactor could be mechanized. “Automation is possible,” we answer, “but when it takes only about three hours of pedalling to produce a month’s supply of biodiesel for the village of Kinchlingi’s 75 inhabitants, it is not necessary.” …

Editorial: Ask Not What the Economy Can Do for the Environment

The Worldwatch Institute’s recently released report, Green Jobs: Working for People and the Environment, outlines impressive growth projections for the environment sector. The author notes that “climate proofing” the global economy will create great employment opportunities worldwide. Could investment in a greener economy propel us toward a more sustainable future […]

The Third Industrial Revolution book review A\J

The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World

Society has always had a weakness for seers and prophets, those who claim the ability to travel mentally to that murky destination called the future and bring back lessons for today. But the next frontier is, of course, an unknowable place. Regardless of how attractive or compelling a vision of […]