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Volunteers release puffin fledglings off the coast of Newfoundland.

Puffin Protectors

Witless Bay Ecological Reserve in Newfoundland is home to North America’s largest breeding colony of Atlantic puffins, hosting over 260,000 pairs each summer. While the reserve’s islands provide a safe haven, fledglings are drawn towards the artificial lights of coastal communities where they encounter nighttime hazards like traffic and cats. […]

Knowing the Land is Resistance, Towards an Anarchist Ecology on A\J.

Towards an Anarchist Ecology

Knowing the Land is Resistance (KLR) has been running nature exploration workshops in southwestern Ontario for three years, demonstrating to participants how to (re)connect with the natural world around them, in any setting. I attended a very different KLR workshop in Waterloo in March, at which they presented five starting points […]

Drilling, hydraulic facturing in the North Dakota badlands. A\J Alternatives

The Green Athlete: Running Wild

It may stretch our imaginations a little to merge the worlds of marathons and fracking, but that is exactly what is happening this spring in the badlands of North Dakota. Adventure Science is currently carrying out 100 Miles of Wild: North Dakota Badlands Transect, a trek across the badlands to […]