Parliament Hill

Trudeau’s Climate Welcome

After a slew of campaign promises about climate action and COP21 attendance, Canadian environmentalists’ eyes are on Justin Trudeau to see what he delivers. The day after his swearing in and just weeks before the UN climate summit in Paris, Justin Trudeau will get a “Climate Welcome” in the form […]

Grass flag Canada

Repairing Reputations

After 10 years of neglecting environmental policy, the Canadian government needs to do a lot more than just show up to COP21 in order to begin repairing Canadian’s reputation on the world stage, according to Green Party leader Elizabeth May. “We’re hated,” May said about Canada’s status with COP delegates […]

Canada Federal Election

Voting for the Environment

Greenpeace wants you to vote in Canada’s 42nd federal election. Early in the election period, before most Canadians were likely to be paying attention to the four major political party leaders’ campaigns, Greenpeace launched Like many organizations, they’re trying to engage Canadians (especially young Canadians) to not only show […]


Will Bladeless Turbines Save Wind Power?

Vortex Bladeless calls itself “the new paradigm of wind power.” The Spanish startup is developing wind turbines that generate power through vibration, without the need for the distinctive spinning blades of conventional wind power. So confident are they that this will be a popular idea, they began crowdfunding their work […]

(Photo: a group of small plastic businessmen stand in discussion)

The Great Debate: Why It’s Okay That The Environmental Community Isn’t Unified

Despite hoping to present itself as a monolithic entity in order to force change, the environmental movement is nevertheless divided on two key battlegrounds: intensification and nuclear power. These internal debates tend to take place with hushed voices and behind closed doors, as if demonstration of the slightest bit of […]