The Week This Friday Vol. 49

What’s’ Mine is Not Yours The effects of climate change are beginning to emerge through constant changing temperatures, water supply fluctuations, and increased average global temperatures. It can be felt all around the world in little ways. In Toretsk, Ukraine, a local coal mine supplying 67 000 workers is on […]

They Talk the Talk, But Are Big Brands Doing Enough To Make Fashion Circular?

The fashion industry is broken. Of course, you won’t notice this walking around the shops, but behind the scenes at a production level the resources needed to make your clothes are rapidly approaching their limit. With circular fashion touted as the savior of this phenomenally wasteful industry, hundreds of the […]


WTF 2020

As the end of 2020 comes to a close (we made it!), I have noticed many have taken the time to reflect on the environmental wins and losses of the year. While some believe the environment has been cast to the side and a forgotten cause, some claim we have […]


Trash Talk

Welcome to Trash Talk, This is a safe space to spill all the dirt, all the trashiest stories, and the confessions of the environmental world that we come across and may not want to speak about. Confessions of a Waste Auditor – Part 1 The Wrong Type of Green – […]


Confessions of a Waste Auditor

It is my belief the moment you become attuned to the sickly sweet smell of warm trash stewing under a hot sun, you may, with confidence, consider oneself a graduate from ‘novince waste auditor’ to ’employee officially desensitized to the horrors of the waste industry. I, to my overwhelming lack […]