Designing Suburban Futures \ June Williamson

Designing Suburban Futures: New Models from Build a Better Burb

Suburban sprawl has defined much of the last half century of North American development. Suburban design and use have changed continuously throughout this period and are still evolving as suburban retrofit projects become ever more common.

Beautiful Corn book review A\J

Beautiful Corn: America’s Original Grain from Seed to Plate

This historical exploration and how-to growing guide will scratch the itch of market and backyard gardeners alike. Beautiful Corn covers everything from harvesting to meal preparation, and offers useful advice that applies to household kitchens, backyard garden plots and larger acreage projects. Those interested in seed production will benefit from […]

Bear 71 film review A\J

Bear 71

The title character of this 20-minute, interactive National Film Board documentary is a grizzly that was caught and tagged as Bear 71 in Banff National Park in 2001 at the age of three, then monitored until her death eight years later. Filmmakers Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison use a navigable […]

Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability book review A\J AlternativesJournal.c

Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability

“Shifting our behaviour to achieve sustainability depends on society’s ability to reconnect with nature,” writes Brendon Larson. In his first solo-authored book, Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability, Larson, who teaches in the Environment and Resource Studies program at the University of Waterloo and is president of Ontario Nature, encourages his readers […]