Help Wanted

RON PORTELLI RECALLS when his university-bound daughter asked him where she should study environmental science. Despite a long environmental career, Portelli was surprised to realize he didn’t know the answer. Such was the separation between universities and the environment industry.

The Third Industrial Revolution book review A\J

The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World

Society has always had a weakness for seers and prophets, those who claim the ability to travel mentally to that murky destination called the future and bring back lessons for today. But the next frontier is, of course, an unknowable place. Regardless of how attractive or compelling a vision of […]

Canadian flag, snowy mountains. A\J

The Myths That Make Us

When I was asked to compare nature literature in Canada and the United States, particularly in the West, I quickly went for my bookshelves – only to discover that the lion’s share of my library was still far away, sequestered, like a lost collection of ancient Middle Eastern scrolls in […]

The Transition Companion book review A\J

The Transition Companion

Being an environmentalist isn’t for sissies – the statistics are depressing and they turn people off, and the problems often seem to have no end. Anyone feeling this way should read The Transition Companion, which mixes knowledge, action and inspiration to address a range of areas that are central to […]

Global Warming for Young Minds book review A\J

Global Warming for Young Minds

Flemming Bermann, a software developer in Southampton, England, was frustrated at the lack of good books about climate change and sustainability aimed at children, so he wrote one. Global Warming for Young Minds is intended to be a politically neutral primer on climate change and environmental stewardship for kids between the ages […]

Turning Points of Environmental History book review A\J

The Turning Points of Environmental History

We are, it seems, entering the adolescence of environmental history. The teenage years are characterized by intense changes that can exacerbate conflict but also promote positive development. In equal measure, according to environmental historian Frank Uekoetter, the discipline is in a transitional stage of development: While it is still finding […]