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Thank you for joining us as we begin our online magazine series. This page will act as the Table of Contents of the magazine, and will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday as new content is added. We hope you enjoy our new digital first strategy, and thank you for reading.

Table of Contents 

  1. Publisher’s Note from David McConnachie and Letter from the Editor Megan Leslie
  2. Break Open and Never Close Again – A review of the mournful and inspiring Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy, reviewed by Jessica Marion Barr
  3. We Called Them Penguin – What the Extinction of the Great Auk Tells us about Species At Risk,  By: Zack Metcalfe
  4. Course Correction – What the Shipping Industry Needs to do to Protect Marine Animals, By: Alexandra Scaman
  5. Infertile Future – Phthalates are everywhere: are they threatening human existence? By: Alex Goddard
  6. What lies beneath: Canada’s first carbon map will help fight the climate and biodiversity crises, By: Siobhan Mullally
  7. Dollars and Sense – Building a Better Conservation Model, By: Emma Bocking
  8. Solid Grounding – How IQ, or Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit, meaning traditional knowledge – is contributing to a more holistic conservation model with the Aviqtuuq IPCA in Nunavut, By Mélanie Ritchot
  9. Game Changer – Silent Spring goes Digital in The Forest Cathedral, By Kelly Hornung
  10. Returning to the Muskeg – We live and breathe because of this land, By Jazmin Pirozek
  11. Victory Songs – The recovery of the whooping crane and the hope for other species at risk, By Zack Metcalfe
  12. What’s Peat Got to do With It? – The importance of peat ecosystems, By Joshua Ostroff
  13. Q&A with Monte Hummel – WWF-Canada President and CEO Megan Leslie talks to President Emeritus Monte Hummel, By Megan Leslie
  14. Coming Full Circle – Nettie Wild’s new film shows us that the future of sustainable agriculture is round, By Ishani Dasgupta
  15. A Guide To Better Choices – The Eco Hero Handbook: Simple Solutions to Tackle Eco-Anxiety, Reviewed by Siobhan Mullally
  16. A Memoir of the Extinct – Gone: A Search for what Remains of the Earth’s Extinct Creatures, Reviewed by Anna Beresford
  17. The Long Battle Against Monsanto – The Monsanto Papers, Reviewed by Brototi Roy
  18. A Nod to Magnificent Creatures – Secrets of the Whales, Reviewed by Teo Guzu
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