Behavior of North American Mammals book review A\J

Peterson Reference Guides: Behavior of North American Mammals

Roger Tory Peterson, one of the world’s greatest and most decorated naturalists, literally invented the modern field guide. His Guide to the Birds, published in 1934, broke new ground by targeting neophytes instead of specialists. It launched an award-winning career in which Peterson played a key role in fostering broader […]

Tanks but No Tanks shirt. No tankers on BC coast campaign. Alternatives Journal

AJ Applauds BC’s Argument Against Northern Gateway

On Friday, May 31, the BC government made its final written argument to the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel (NJRP). The 99-page submission states that the province “cannot support the project as presented to the panel because Northern Gateway has been unable to address British Columbians’ environmental concerns.”


Zine Scene

What on earth is a zine? A short-form magazine in both title and format, a zine (pronounced “zeen”) is a small, self-published booklet, generally distributed via mail order, online, in zine libraries, and through independent booksellers and infoshops. They are often created in a do-it-yourself style, with handwritten text, cutting-and-pasting […]